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Just letting you guys know I will have to postpone the Zoomyoga to next week. My body obviously wants me to rest and detox tonight. Still not well😖

If you already got your ticket - you will get a new ticket for another time when ever it suits you to join!

Fingers crossed I will be all better in the morning🤞🏻❤️🌱

#cleansing #eatyourgreens #detox #healingwithgreens #betterinthemorning
Oooooh I miss you guys in the studio LIVE & moving💗🌸
But this is the next best thing
Tonight at 19-20 Yoga Flow with fokus on the HEART💕
book at spot on:

See you tonight!💗

#yogaflow #onlineyoga #zoomyoga #theyogaatelier #breathe #breathandmovement #eatyourgreens #openyourheart 💕🌱
Ending the week with meditation to open up my heart. To soften my skin, my eyes and my jaws. I meditate to soften my hands that often tighten their grip, that want to much and to fast.
It takes a few deep breaths. Inhaling and exhailing. And then the hardest part- surrendering. This has always been a big step for me.
A few tears , just tears of resistance, when the mind does not want to let go and follow the softness and dance with the heart.💗
But I keep breathing and every breath makes me more human, more volnurable and more naked. Raw and honest.💗
And then suddenly I can feel it. Like small bubbles of joy filling my skin. When the resistance and the ego is gone the wall covering the heart can melt and the LOVE can shine through. This love is stronger than evething and does not need anything in return. This is the light that guidd us all, that unites us & and that is the same in all of us. 💗

My goal this week is to spend it with sn open heart. Dancing, resting & loving💗
Swipe for Milos -the king of Shavasana.
And suddenly the world is completely transformed!
Silent, fluffy, padded & crispy white. Like a fairytale. Like the winters I remember from my childhood. Going skiing, slayriding & drinking hotchocolate.
Well, yoga tonight willnot include snow. So instead of skiing - I will be trossing my way to The Yoga Atelier 💗
In love with haveing these closed groups and seeing all of your progress.

#snow #white #winterwonderland #yoga #theyogaatelier
A flowy vinyasa could be the best way to start the week!
This class is in english !

See you tonight!

#zoomyoga #yoga #yogaonline #vinyasaflow #theyogaatelier #yogaathome #flow
He always knows how to take a nap or as we do on yoga Shavasana or Restorative.
It takes about 17 min for the body , in total stillness & security ,to really let go of the mind and leave the fight and system. So imagine blankets covering you, bolsters supportimg you, a scarf covering your eyes & nothing to do except just letting everithing go for 20min.
Unclutching the jam line, softening your lips , eys and teeth. Surrendering your heart & allowing the skin to become soft and open.
AND THEN after 17 mins of quiet the magic happens.⭐️
This miraculus body of ours starts to heal. It rebuilds cells & connects back the missing links that were broken by too much stress.
To just staying in this open and soft state for a couple of minutes gives you more energy back, gives you a perspective of what acctually is important and connects you back to YOU💗
Have a beautiful Friday!
Love Astrid&Milo

#theyogaatelier #yoga #restorative #shavasana #happyfriday #rest #eatyourgreens
Finally after so many requests you can now join me online and do you yoga at home.
I admit I am more nervous about this than hosting a big live class🙈 but I will do my best to make the technical side of sound, light and computer-stuff work. Fingers crossed! First out zoom yoga tonight Monday at 19-20.
Join by buying the class on the webb, download zoom and we will see eachother tonight!


#zoomyoga #theyogaatelier #onlineyoga #vinyasayoga #yoga
Raw Vegan Sallad for lunch with a delicious mango peanut dressing.

If doing anything this new year-
it is eating greeeeeeeeen!🌱

Anyone else need to detox last year out?
Interested in a 3-5 day DETOX & YOGA cleanse? Could be online!
If so send me a message !🌱

#eatyourgreens #detox #detoxyourbody #refuel #yoga #theyogaatelier #yogaivasastan #starttheyearwithdetox
3 spots left for todays lux- yoga.
First vinyasa flow to cleans from this weekend - twisting, sweating and breathing. Then Restorative - in total silence to heal, to restore and to wake up as a goodess!
And inbetween - a green smoothie 🌱

Text me if you want to join!

#veganyogi #cleanse #yoga #yogaivasastan #startthenewyear #health #yogabliss #eatyourgreens
Welcome to check in the NEW YEAR with a 2,5 hours yoga session. Vinyasa Flow followed by yin& Restorative. The perfect mix!
Only 6 spots due to restrictions so book & swish to make sure you are in. :)
Text or email to book:
[email protected]
Swish: 12345 95948
Saturday 2nd 13-15.30

Lets open up the heart to this New Year and close the old one.

#theyogaatelier #newyearsyoga #yogabliss #yogaivasastan #yoga #vinyasaflow #restorative
Today we enter through a big portal- as we are direct aligned with the sun. The energy shift will be great & possibly we will be upgraded in our frequency ⭐️
So today - align yourself with the stars. Align with YOURSELF & align with your HEART.
In this new world it is even more importantvthat we all become ourselves . Authentic, raw, creative & loving. This is why we are here.
I keep saying this but the only thing that keeps me sane is
Both lives in the studio:)
So grateful!
Everyday I get to share yoga with you💕

Soon SOFT & SLOW YOGA with a longer yin-inspired Shavasana in the end. JUST 💗

#softandslow #yoga #yogaivasastan #theyogaatelier #grateful #beyouself #allyouneedislove
Just listened to a youtube clip with @edmylett & decide it was time to get back to my workoutroutine! Not for anyother reason than I love the feeling after a workout💕
And I want to become my greates version.
So inspired by his talk about setting our own temperature to life adding in things that makes us smile and be stronger in all aspects! Building confidence just by showing up.
And also letting go of things we do no longer need.
So basically yoga💕

So I am setting the temerature in my life for high-vibin!!!!!

What is your wish?
Define it - make room for it- than go DO💕 You deserve it!
#createyourlife #selflove #yoga #yogaivasastan #strongflow #strongflowyoga #maxoutyourlife #edmylett #showup #theyogaatelier
Who are your angels?
Both present & past ?
Some of them you’ve knowm for a long time. And some of them just appear when you need a smile! 🦋

Maybe you can be are someones angel 😇 today! Take care and smile! You never know who’s day you will light up . Love//Astrid

Ps. Studio is open as normal all week. 💕

#theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #quote #danielladelaporte #angels #yogaeverydamnday #smile #besomeonesangel #ptyoga #hälsa #hälsosamtliv #rawvegantransformations
One hour exclusive yoga & pampering just focused on YOU. And you can bring your friend or loved one to join. ⭐️

I love to hold these private sessions and be able to give all of my attention to just one person at the time. Since every human is different and needs different things this is the best way to share the practice.
Sometimes very spiritual & othertimes more focused on the technical side of it - like learning to headstand. How would you like your session?⭐️

Due to covid new rules I offer private yoga sessions at The Yoga Atelier in november & december for a reduced price to 500 sek. This to make yoga avaliable to more of you guys.
Bookings through [email protected]

#yogaivasastan #privateyoga #ptyoga #yogadelux #theyogaatelier #yogaeverydamnday #lovetolive #transform #becomethebestyou
Raw Vegan Banoffee cake ! In love with this,
even though my first try was far from perfect. The base pastry was too soft so it is almost the consistency of Titamisu. So have to eat it with a spoon.
I almost died taking the first bite😋😍
And totally guilt free!
No sugar, all raw , plant based🌱 and totally satisfying!

Now it needs to be shared - like every sweet thing in life!

Who would you share your sweetness with? ❤️

#rawvegan #eatyourgreens #yogalife #healthylifestyle #sweettreat #rawvegantransformations #guiltfreedessert #shareyoursweetness #yogaivasastan #yoga #theyogaatelier #hälsosamtliv #fawfood #ätdigfrisk
Decided we need our yoga to stay healthy & loving. BUT only 5 spots avaliable to book due to the new rules. And only 3 spots left! So if you also need your yoga to stay sane maby one of the spots is for you🌸

Book at:

#stayhealthy #yoga #yogaivasastan #theyogaatelier #rawvegan #eatyourgreens #livingfoods #studioisopen #yogaeverydamnday
Always starting with lemon & greenv formula & water .
These days back on track with my living foods & detox cleanse.🌱

Highly recomemded to STAY HEALTHY GREEN SMOTHIE:

1 Lemon whole , without peel
A handful green baby spinache
A handful kale without the stem
2 stems of celleri, chopped
A hansful frosen mango
A big chunk of ginger, choped
5 dl cold water.
Blend and start GLOWING!!🌱

#eatyourgreens #lovetolive #detox #backontrack #livingfoods #greenlife #stayhealthy #greensmoothie #greenlove

STUDIO INFO: This week the yogastudio will be closed due to these new restrictions - BUT OPEN FOR PRIVATE SESSIONS. Text or call me to book if tou need your yoga❤️
Next week we are open again⭐️
Fith chakra release. To speak your truth in all conversations. The hardest conversation is the one you keep having with yourself. Over & over we all tell ourselves small
un-truths that is nothing what your heart knows.

THE HEART KNOWS you are enough, you are beautiful, you are brilliant, you are inspiering especially when you are YOU, you are already perfect & when you shine your unique light the whole room lights up⭐️

Picture from when @ulfmbengtsson our house healer was in the room while we were flowin! 🙏🏻💕

Remember your truth!
Just sayin💕

#theyogaatelier #yoga #fishpose #fifthchakra #speakyourtruth #smallbutsweet #yogaivasastan #healerintheroom #strongflowyoga

For my beautiful son 💕
For one more day 💕
For a roof over my head💕
For my love💕
For friends & family💕
For a body that heals itself💕
For gifts & talents💕
For surprices & lessons 💕
For this lovely yogastudio &
all of you that comes here💕
Thank you for guidance &
for transformation💕

See you tonight at 18.30-19.45
Strong Flow it is!!!

#theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #coutnyourblessings #thankyouuniverse #yogatonight
Thank you everyone for bringing your heart to the mat tonight !
So hot tonight that the windows
got foggy🙌🏻 This mini yoga studio is where my heart starts to sing!

What makes your heart sing?

#inlove #yogaivasastan #yoga #foggywindows #grateful #yogamakesmyheartsing #grounded #rawveganfitness #basicyoga
Lunch today is my first attempt to raw vegan yoghurt thanks to @lilalotus 🙏🏻

Cashews, coconut cream & probiotics. Setting for 12 -24 hours.
Then seasoning with agave & vanilla powder. Topping with fresh fruit, sunflower seeds& cashews.
Still lots to learn &
Will keep trying different flavours.
So happy that I can do this - on the days when the body longs for something other than a sallad.

#raw #rawvega #eatyourgreens #yogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #healingwithgreens #rawveganfitness
Me after leaving the studio tonight. All cosy, varm at heart and super fluffy!

Just one word : mmmmmmmm
Have a great evening lovelys💋

#theyogaatelier #postyogabliss #yogaivasastan #inlovewithmystudio #yogamakesyoubeautiful
Restocked on clipcards & schedule for all classes is now updated!
Always so happy to see all of you in The Yoga Atelier on your mats!
The studio is just an empry room without you guys! So thank you for coming back, for sharing your energy & for always leaving with a smile❤️ Love//Astrid

#theyogaatelier #yogaivasastan #yoga #autumnschedule
Sooo excited! At tomorrows Strong Flow yoga 18.30 we have our
house-healer Ulf here in the class healing us all & lifting the energy as we flow!⭐️
Almost full house - but there are a few spots left! If your not booked yet go to :
to save your spot.
Ulf will stay after the class if you have any questions or want to book your private session!
Lets lift the root⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏻

#yogaandhealing #strongflow #yoga #yogaivasastan #gowiththeflow #hara #theyogaatelier #healerintheroom #letslifttheroof
This is how happy I get when my fifteenyearold son calls me just to say hi!!🙏🏻
Also happy to be on my way home to Stockholm & The Yoga Atelier 💕
Basic yoga 18.30-19.45 tonight!

Yoga is what keeps me sane 🙈
& grounded . When traveling and working a lot & meeting a lot of people- it is absolutely neccessary💕

What makes you smile?

#theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #smile #whatmakesyousmile #onmywayhome
Tonight after eleven the moon is full.
Some feel this very intensly others do not notice.
The days begore the moon is full, for me there is a lot of pressure, things we struggle with surface even more.

Maybe this is a way of letting us know what really is important & what we ate ready to get rid of.

So if you had the opportunity to change something in your life - what would it be? To make you more happy, lighter at heart & mote loving?⭐️

#theyogaatelier #yogaivasastan #yoga #basicyoga #fullmoonyoga #fullmoon #celebratetheimportantthings
For every beautiful person that walks through the door of this studio. THANK YOU.
Without you there would be no Yoga Atelier.
And so extra happy and very thankful when I got flowers from one of these sweet yogis.💕🌸💕

Todays lesson-
INHALE and say thank you for something small that made you smile yoday! EXHALE

Now REPEAT until you are smiling from ear to ear💕

#theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #ptyoga #smile #grateful #thankyouuniverse #love
During October you can book a private class with you and up to
3 of your friends for 500sek.

To be safe & to have fun!
Maybe a bithday present to your self or a surprice aw with the besties.💕

Book with me at :
[email protected]

And YES we need to treat ourselves a little extra in this autumn rain & foggy weather. 💕

#selflove #privateyoga #theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #afterwork
This week the autumn schedule
is on:
Monday Lunch yoga 12-13
Tuesday Strong Flow 18.30-19.45
Wednesday Lunch yoga 12-13
& Soft & Slow yoga 17-18 NEW⭐️
Thursday Basic yoga 18.30-19.45
Friday Restorative 16.30-18

All you need is a pair of tights & bare feet & one hour to get back to the better part of you⭐️

Book at
See you soon on your mat!

#theyogaatelier #yoga #yogaivasastan #yogaeverydamnday #bookyourspot #breathe #loveyourself
Some days - the only thing that works is total surrender. So hard - and still the ONE THING wich does not interfer with the plan of the universe.

To rise again
To shine
To inspire

To LOVE your scars even more.
#theyogaatelier #childspose #yogaivasastan #yoga #rest #heal #surrender #selflove #wearyourscarslikediamonds

💕Just for a moment stop everything you are
doing, thinking, making-
Hold it in for ONE,TWO, THREE seconds and the exhale. Repeat this 3 times. 💕

💕Then roll your shoulders up to your ears inhaling & and exhale gently as you let them down on the back. Repeat this 3 times. 💕

💕Now place your palms on your knees ingale and round your back & look into your knee. Exhale and lower your shoylders move your heart forwards & lift your chin. Repeat 3 times💕

Now close your eyes for a few seonds TAKE ONE DEEP BREATH IN
Placing your hands over you heart and imagine you are safe, you are taken care of & you ARE LOVED.

Exhale and feel a Friday smile making your face soften putting sparcle back into your eyes.

#theyogaatelier #yogaivasastan #yoga #danielledelaporte #borrowedquotes #selflove #breathe #inhale #exhale #fridaylove
Join me for some twist, stretches, sweat & self love tonight at 18.30-1945 Basic yoga.

The new moon brings possabillites to change, to shead & to bring your dreams to life⭐️

Benefits of yoga - calmness to take better desicions, glow so you can shine your brightest & a cuter butt😉🙈 ( yes but it is true..)

Come join & get all three❤️

#createyourdreams #newmoonyoga #newmoon #selflove #yogaivasastan #theyogaatelier #basicyoga #yogaflow #eatyourgreens

The Yoga Atelier

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